Byron Aiport Operations: (925) 634-0147

AWOS: (925)634-0906

The NCSA operates out of Byron Airport located in Byron California. The club operates, weather permitting, on the weekends, though weekday operations may be scheduled as demand and conditions warrant.  It is just off the Byron Highway between Brentwood and Tracy .  Some of the club's gliders are moved in the summer months to Truckee Airport in the Sierra Nevadas to take advantage of the superb mountain flying, which is considered by many to be the best in the world. Truckee flying is seven days a week from May through September using the Soar Truckee tow plane operations. Several aircraft with instructors remain at Byron throughout the summer.

The NCSA has very experienced and well-qualified Federal Aviation Administration Certified Flying Instructors.  The NCSA is the only club in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers basic flight instruction as well as encouraging cross-country soaring flight. A student pilot who flies regularly may achieve his or her private license for half the cost of most commercial operators. The NCSA provides gliders for its members' rental, as well as basic and advanced instruction.



This plan allows people to join the club for one month for a fee of $100 to get a feel for gliding with the NCSA before having to write a check for $1329.00 (a thousand is refundable when leaving the club) to join as a full member.

1. DURATION: 8 weekend days on which flying is possible. If there are more than 2 days in which a participant in this plan cannot fly for reasons beyond his/her control, (such as instructor or glider unavailable, no tow plane or pilot, holiday weekend, et cetera), then the-membership will be extended to make up a maximum of six flying days
2. LIMITATIONS: The trial member will not be permitted to fly solo or as Pilot In Command. The trial member will be able to pay dual with an instructor, or as a passenger with an appropriately rated and current club member.
3. PAYMENT FOR TOWS, GLIDER USAGE, AND INSTRUCTION: The trial member will be responsible for these charges. The instructor or club member who is PIC will fill in the tow slips and aircraft logs in his/her name and collect payment for these charges. The normal cost of a "high tow" flight for a Trial member is $75, which includes the cost of the tow  (usually a 3,000'-4,000' tow, with a flight lasting about 25 min.) + glider rental + Instructor Fees.  If the flight is in a Grob, the cost would be $85.  A "pattern" tow cost for a Trial member is $30.
 (Note that these fees also apply for an Introductory lesson)  If the flight is longer than an average flight (up to 30 min), the instructor fees would apply - which are based on $40 per hour.

4. INSURANCE COVERAGE: Trial members will be covered as passengers by club insurance to the same extent as full members, provided the limitations listed above are complied with.
5. PAYMENT: Payment will be made to the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SOARING ASSOCIATION (NCSA) prior to any flights being made under this trial membership plan. The $100 fee is not refundable, but may be applied to full club membership, should the trial member ask for and be accepted as a member by the NCSA.
6. TRANSFER TO MEMBERSHIP: The Trial member may become a member of the NCSA at any time during the trial period or after it has expired by following the' standard procedures for joining the club. Any dual flight with an instructor during the trial membership may count as the check flight currently required by the NCSA as a prerequisite for membership. The $100 trial membership will be applied towards the initial fees.7. SSA MEMBERSHIP: Trial members will be enrolled in the SSA (Soaring Society of America) for one year. They will not be enrolled in PASCO .



A Full Member has voting rights and one share in the club. Members are required to participate in the following activities each year: workday twice per year, field manager 3 times per year, safety seminar once per year. Each applicant for a full membership must pay:
1. NCSA Membership equity,(refundable upon leaving the club),  2. NCSA first quarter's dues,  3. NCSA application fee, 4. Soaring Society of America (SSA) annual dues magazine and insurance coverage for club equipment included and 5.
PASCO (Pacific Soaring Council) annual dues 6. and any personal flight expenses such as tow charges, aircraft fees and instructor fees.
      A family member being a spouse or minor child of a full member, is not required to pay equity in the club, but must pay monthly dues.
      A Junior Member may participate in the club activities and use the club equipment without having to pay the membership equity. These members will pay dues and fulfill club obligations as determined by the Board of Directors and in accordance with the dues and fees noted elsewhere.
      The Private-Owner member, may utilize the club's tow plane and other facilities without having to pay an equity fee, provided the member has a privately owned glider based at Byron. He/she may utilize the club gliders, with the provisions that that member has signed a promissory note to cover any insurance deductible, and has been checked out in each glider by an NCSA instructor. The private member will pay dues and fees in accordance with the schedule, and must fulfill club obligations.
      Designated Instructor members who frequently and actively provide instruction to the students and other members of the club, will not be required to pay membership equity in the club, nor the recurring fees or dues of the club, in return for their benefit to the club. Those flights or usage of the club equipment not directly related to instruction, safety or of an introductory nature, will be paid for by the D.I. member.
      Tow Pilot members who frequently and actively provide their time and skills as tow pilots to the club shall be members of the club and shall pay no dues nor fees for their membership, if this activity constitutes their only use of club equipment or facilities.

Experienced taildragger pilots are invited to join our tow pilot group. To apply please contact Paul McDonald


Visiting licensed pilots with privately owned glider may use Club tow services on the following conditions:
(1)    Payment for the tows will be the responsibility of a member in good standing who is supporting the guest member.
(2)    Obtain a field orientation, review NCSA operating procedures, and take a dual flight with a Club CFI-G.  The dual flight may be waived at the instructor’s discretion.
(3)    Payment of a daily fee set by the Board of Directors.
Guest members have no voting privileges.  Guest membership flight privileges may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
NCSA allows up to five days/year of Guest Membership at $10/day. Additionally, our insurance requires that all Guest Members must be members of The Soaring Society of America and members of glider clubs that have SSA insurance for their club gliders.
Your sponsor will be responsible for all fees. You should make reimbursement arrangements with your sponsor.
Guest Membership Application